a story of dedication

Biesse Crea was established in 1974 by its two founding partners, Sergio Santin and Alcide Lollo, who decided to put their years of carpentry experience to good use by setting up their own business. The new company immediately made a name for itself thanks to the precision of its processing, the quality of each piece produced, and its reliability and dedication.

In the early eighties, many local clients got to know the company and entrusted their most delicate and complex items to the skilled hands of Biesse Crea. They rapidly developed a relationship of trust and collaboration, which led to increasingly close working ties and constant reciprocal growth and development.

In the mid-nineties, Sergio's son Marco Santin joined the company, accumulating hands-on production experience throughout every stage of production and processing. Subsequently, in 1999, following the untimely death of Sergio and Alcide's withdrawal from the company, Marco became sole partner, and with an entrepreneurial spirit he continued the work his father had begun.

Today, Biesse Crea srl can boast a 12,000-m² factory, and specializes in the production of finished components and furniture accessories, from tables to cupboard doors, seating, wall- and general-panels for major Italian and international clients in the furniture industry.