the artisanal heart of the design industry

Over forty years' experience in the production of furniture components and accessories: its craftsmanship has grown, and is organized to support the design industry, so as to give shape to all your ideas.
Our origins in quality carpentry have today evolved into an industrial-scale production capacity, while also guaranteeing artisanal care and attention, thanks to our highly-qualified staff and our investments in automation, using leading-edge equipment.

Artisanal quality, industrial production, for consistently unique Italian-made excellence

We are a flexible organization, with the ability to handle large or small production runs for any element of furniture, according to your specific requirements. Product customization and attention to detail are our greatest strengths, perfectly in line with a concept of Italian-made excellence, which we uphold with our longstanding tradition for quality.

Just in time: we respond to your orders!

We guarantee just-in-time production, supplying the right quantities to fulfil your actual orders as and when the need arises, without having to maintain stocks of materials.
We have quick, efficient set-up times, even for small production runs.

Complete production cycle

We work with a fleet of leading-edge automatic machines and with highly-qualified staff, specialized in each stage of production and quality control, meaning we can provide a complete process and consistently excellent end results.
and moulding, and 5-axis pantography
Sanding / Painting/Varnishing
(3 painting/varnishing systems
Clamping / Assembly
and shipping
(client packaging and labelling service)