training and refresher courses

A highly qualified staff can develop innovative production processes, to meet the widest range of aesthetic and functional requirements. For this reason, Biesse Crea sets great stock in ongoing training for its personnel.

research and experimentation with new materials and finishes

The design world is constantly evolving, and we follow the changes, trends, functional and aesthetic demands, responding with in-depth research into materials and finishes that fully express the value of each product.
We support designers with ongoing consultation and experimentation in order to achieve the desired results.
and analysis
of veneer.
Definition of
the sanding process
to accentuate the wood.
Definition of
process to achieve the desired finish.
of your
finish sample.

Formulation of technical solutions for product assembly

We work out the best solutions for the assembly of your product, so as to rationalize production and ensure optimum conditions for storage, transport and ease of installation for the end client.